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I'm Pregnant. What are my options?
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Common Questions and Misconceptions
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Provider Information

Centro de Atencion Integral a la Pareja, A.C.-La Viga
Mexico, D.F.
(555) 740-4178

Centro de Salud Beatriz Velasco de Aleman
Mexico, D.F.
(555) 789-0432

Hospital General De Ticoman
Mexico, D.F.
(555) 754-3979

Hospital General Dr. Enrique Cabrera
Mexico, D.F.
(551) 285-7100

Hospital Materno-Infantil Dr. Nicolas M. Cedillo
Mexico, D.F.
(555) 594-0565

Hospital Materno Infantil Inguarán
Mexico, D.F.
(555) 795-6764

Hospital Materno Pediátrico Xochimilco
Mexico, D.F.
(555) 489-2532

Medica Center Fem
Mexico, D.F.
(55) 5781-9501


Unidad Medica de la Mujer
Mexico, D.F.
(55) 6277-3164

Unidad Miramontes (Acompañame)
Mexico, D.F.
(555) 678-2504

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