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September 13, 2000


Communications Department

National Abortion Federation Handed Decisive Victory in Lawsuit against MARTA

Ads Originally Labeled "Too Controversial" For Atlanta Now Up in Transit System for Three Months

Atlanta, GA - Representatives of the National Abortion Federation today celebrated their decisive victory in their first amendment lawsuit against the Metropolitan Atlanta Transportation Authority (MARTA). "Today, the right to free speech is alive and well in Atlanta," said Vicki Saporta, Executive Director of the National Abortion Federation (NAF). "Today, and for the next three months, Atlanta residents will have access to the important health care information that our public service ads provide." NAF representatives were in town to mark the posting of their public service ads in the Atlanta transit system.

"Our campaign is now up on MARTA buses and bus shelters because the court ruled unequivocally that MARTA had violated our first amendment right to free speech when it refused to run our ads," continued Saporta. "MARTA does not have the right to use its ad space to advance those viewpoints it supports and censor those it does not. After years of presenting only one side of the abortion issue, MARTA has been forced by the court to allow us to share the voices of the women who choose abortion and the dedicated physicians who provide them with that care."

Saporta continued, "We had initially only planned to run our ads in Atlanta for one month. But when we realized the extent to which MARTA's biased advertising policy had denied Atlanta residents access to crucial information, we decided to extend our advertising to three months. We are very pleased the court has ruled in our favor, and that MARTA has decided not to appeal this important decision."

"We understand that MARTA has decided to change its advertising policy to no longer accept public service advertising. It is troubling that MARTA is so intent on restricting some speech that it is willing to censor all speech. By allowing advertising from nonprofit, advocacy groups, transit companies around the country provide invaluable information and resources to their riders. It is unfortunate for the citizens of Atlanta that MARTA has chosen to disassociate from this long tradition of service."

Atlanta marks the 14th city where the NAF ads have appeared since their debut in 1999. The other cities where the ads have run are: Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, Miami, Minneapolis, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle, St. Louis, and Washington, DC.

"This is an important day for the residents of Atlanta," said Saporta. "They deserve to have access to information about all of their reproductive health care options."


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