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September 18, 2000


Communications Department

New Survey Shows Two-Thirds of National Abortion Federation Providers Plan to Offer Early Option Pill to Their Patients

Prior to September 30 Action Date for the Early Option Pill (RU-486), Professional Association of Abortion Providers Announces Its Members Are Ready to Begin Offering this Safe Option to American Women After FDA Approval

Washington, DC - The National Abortion Federation today released the results of a new survey showing that two-thirds of its members are planning to offer the early option pill after it receives FDA approval. "With final approval of the early option pill potentially only days away, this is good news for American women," said Vicki Saporta, Executive Director of the National Abortion Federation (NAF). "Women can be assured that after FDA approval is granted, they will be able to access the early option pill if they decide it is the right option for them."

NAF currently has more than 360 member facilities who together provide more than half of the abortions that take place each year in the U.S.. The survey results released today indicate tat close to 240 NAF members are planning to provide the early option pill once it becomes available in the U.S.

"As a result of the massive educational program we have undertaken this year, our members are ready to add this early abortion option to the services they provide," continued Saporta. "Since January, we have educated more than 1,800 clinicians in this method. We are also in the process of developing additional educational resources which we will make available to clinicians after approval is granted."

Saporta continued, "After FDA approval, women will want to know if this option is right for them and which providers in their area are offering the early option pill. Our national toll-free Hotline, the only one of its kind in the country, is staffed by trained operators who will be able to discuss women's options with them and refer women to qualified providers offering this new method." Saporta added that, in anticipation of an increased call volume after the early option pill is approved, additional staff are being added to the Hotline.

"Final FDA approval of the early option pill is long overdue, and we are confident that it will soon be available to American women," said Saporta. "NAF is poised to be the best source of information about the early option pill for women and clinicians."

The NAF Hotline, at 1-800-772-9100, operates Monday through Friday from 9am to 7pm EST. NAF's web site on medical abortion, www.earlyoptions.org contains general information on the early option pill, describes educational materials that will be available to clinicians after it is approved, and provides information for women considering this option.


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