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March 30, 2001


Communications Department

National Pro-Choice Leaders Call Arrest of James Kopp and Other Activists Who Aided His Escape a Turning Point in Efforts to Stem Violence Against Abortion Providers

In Anticipation of Additional Arrests, National Abortion Federation Calls on Law Enforcement Officials to Continue Pursuit of Anti-Choice Network of Extremists and Calls on Anti-Choice Organizations to Provide Information About this Network

Washington, DC - At a press conference today, the National Abortion Federation's Vicki Saporta and the Feminist Majority Foundation's Eleanor Smeal pointed to the arrest of James Charles Kopp as a turning point in the effort to stem the tide of violence against abortion providers.

"The arrest of James Kopp could potentially be the greatest advance in the effort to end violence against abortion providers in this country and in Canada," said Vicki Saporta, Executive Director of the National Abortion Federation (NAF). "Law enforcement officials are now uncovering what we have been asserting for years: the existence of an organized network of anti-choice extremists who assist terrorists in carrying out acts of violence against abortion providers."

"The Army of God has in large part been responsible for the reign of terror against abortion providers in the last decade," continued Saporta. "This is the best opportunity we've had to finally identify, expose and prosecute those individuals who are part of this extreme network."

Saporta stated, "We have been collecting statistics on violence against abortion providers for more than twenty years, and we know that there are individuals who provide money, safe houses, and other support to those who have committed acts of terrorism against abortion providers. These terrorists do not work alone, and we now have an important opportunity to reduce the violence and harassment that abortion providers in this country face on a daily basis."

Law enforcement officials arrested two anti-choice activists, Lorretta Marra and Dennis Malvasi, yesterday in connection with Kopp's escape, and other arrests are expected to take place soon. "We know that Lorretta Marra protested in front of clinics with James Kopp, and was arrested with him on several occasions. We also know that Dennis Malvasi was at the White Rose Banquet last year, where anti-choice extremists associated with the Army of God celebrated those who have committed acts of violence against abortion providers. These extreme members of the anti-choice movement regularly communicate with one another to plan acts of violence."

"We also call today on the organizations opposed to a woman's right to choose to cooperate with law enforcement officials and share any information they have about this network. When Cardinal John O'Connor in New York appeared on TV after a bombing there and asked the bomber to step forward, Malvasi turned himself in. We need a commitment from those who say they support life to aid in this and other investigations."

"w is the time to uncover the ring of extremists who are part of the Army of God and reduce the violence against abortion providers once and for all," said Saporta.


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