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November 8, 2001


Communications Department

More Than 200 Abortion Providers, Pro-Choice Organizations Around Country Receive Fedex Letters Claiming to Contain Anthrax

Latest Threats Come Just Three Weeks After More Than 280 Clinics Received Anthrax Threat Letters through the Mail

Washington, DC - More than 200 clinics and pro-choice organizations around the country today received FedEx packages with a powdery substance inside. Some of the packages contained letters signed by the Army of God, a domestic terrorist group, indicating that the powder was anthrax. The National Abortion Federation and Planned Parenthood Federation of America were falsely listed as the senders of the packages. At the same time that the NAF office began receiving calls from member clinics who had received the packages, a bomb threat was called into NAF and the office was evacuated.

"Anti-choice extremists have upped the ante with this latest attempt to terrorize abortion providers and those working to protect a woman's right to choose," said Vicki Saporta, Executive Director of the National Abortion Federation (NAF). "Despite this latest round of threats, our clinics remain open and committed to providing women with legally protected reproductive health care services."

The National Abortion Federation has notified its members through fax and email not to open similar packages from FedEx. In addition, NAF staff has been in contact with FedEx, the FBI, and local law enforcement officials around the country. FedEx is halting the further delivery of similar packages. As part of its national investigation into the anthrax threat letters that were sent to more than 280 clinics in the middle of October, the FBI is collecting the FedEx packages and prioritizing their testing for anthrax.

"This is clearly the work of individuals who support terrorism as a means to advance their political agenda," said Saporta. "Since the last round of anthrax threat letters was sent to clinics three weeks ago, we have been working closely with the FBI on their investigation. We are confident that those responsible for these cowardly acts will be brought to justice."


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