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December 5, 2001


Communications Department

National Abortion Federation Commends Law Enforcement on Apprehension of Domestic Terrorist Clayton Lee Waagner

WASHINGTON, DC - The National Abortion Federation (NAF) today commended law enforcement officials who captured Clayton Lee Waagner, a domestic terrorist who has claimed responsibility for over 550 anthrax threat letters sent to abortion providers in October and November. The letters were signed by the Army of God, a domestic terrorist organization. "We are pleased that law enforcement officials have apprehended Clayton Waagner so that he cannot carry out his threats to murder forty-two individuals working at abortion clinics around the country," stated Vicki Saporta, the Executive Director of NAF. "We are hopeful that law enforcement officials will also be able to identify and apprehend any others who assisted Waagner in sending the anthrax threat letters and evading capture for so many months."

The anthrax threat letters sent to abortion clinics did not test positive for anthrax, but Waagner has said he would not hesitate to use anthrax if he had access to it. Members of the Army of God have praised his actions and also support the use of anthrax in attempts to terrorize staff at abortion clinics. "It is important that Waagner was apprehended before he could use real anthrax to threaten the lives of not only women's reproductive health care providers, but also mail handlers, emergency response teams and the general public," said Saporta. Continuing, Saporta said, "Although we are pleased that Waagner will no longer be able to carry out acts of terrorism, only when we stop the activities of domestic terrorist organizations like the Army of God can we truly put an end to the violence against women's reproductive health care providers."

Saporta emphasized that women's reproductive health care providers would not be deterred as a result of anti-choice terrorism. "Our members will continue to remain open to provide necessary reproductive health care services to women."

Clayton Waagner escaped from federal prison in February and was finally apprehended today at a Kinko's in Cincinnati. For the past ten months while Waagner evaded law enforcement, he has stolen several vehicles and committed bank robberies in North Dakota, West Virginia and Pennsylvania.


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