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Tuesday, September 29, 2005


NAF Communications Department

The National Abortion Federation Thanks Senators Who Stood Up for Women's Lives and Health and Voted against Chief Justice Nominee John Roberts

The National Abortion Federation today decried the confirmation of John Roberts as Chief Justice by the U.S. Senate. NAF also applauded the more than 20 Senators who stood up for women's and civil rights and voted against Roberts. "While we are deeply troubled that the Senate confirmed Roberts to the most powerful judicial position in the country, more than twenty Senators voted against a nominee whose record on the right to privacy and Roe v. Wade is very disturbing," said Vicki Saporta, NAF president and CEO.

"The Senators who voted against John Roberts stood up to protect women's lives and health," said Saporta. "During his confirmation hearings, Roberts did not explain his judicial philosophy on the constitutional right to privacy or Roe v. Wade and he did not distance himself from his previous statements where he said Roe was 'wrongly decided and should be overruled.' Twenty-two Senators realized that, given Roberts' silence on these critical issues, women's lives are too important to leave to chance."

With another Supreme Court nomination looming for Sandra Day O'Connor's crucial swing seat on the Supreme Court, the stakes are even higher for women's reproductive freedom. The Senate must fully exercise its advise and consent responsibilities and obtain all possible information about the next nominee's record, especially on fundamental issues that protect all Americans. We need a Supreme Court justice who will honor established precedent, including the constitutional right to privacy and Roe v. Wade.

"With Roe hanging in the balance, the stakes are extremely high for women's heath and safety. Americans overwhelmingly believe that Roe should be upheld and will not tolerate retreating to the days when women had to sacrifice their lives and health to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. We urge the Senate to carefully scrutinize the record of the next nominee and vote against any candidatewho would jeopardize the lives or health of American women."

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