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Press Releases


  06-30-2014 Supreme Court Deals Blow to Women's Health
  06-26-2014 Supreme Court Strikes Down Massachusetts Buffer Zone Law
  06-24-2014 House Appropriations Committee Approves Abortion Coverage for Peace Corps Volunteers
  05-28-2014 Statement from Prince Edward Island Press Conference
  01-28-2014 House of Representatives Passes Harmful Ban on Abortion Coverage
  01-09-2014 Testimony of Vicki Saporta on H.R. 7
  01-09-2014 House Committee Holds Hearing on H.R. 7 the So-Called "No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act"
  11-19-2013 Albuquerque Voters Reject Restrictive Abortion Ban
  11-13-2013 Women's Health Protection Act Introduced
  11-07-2013 Nationwide Abortion Ban Introduced in Senate Would Hurt Women Like Christy
  10-09-2013 California Governor Signs Bill to Allow APCs to Provide Abortion Care
  07-25-2013 Senate Appropriations Committee Addresses Two Abortion Restrictions
  06-18-2013 House Passes Blatantly Unconstitutional Nationwide Abortion Ban
  05-29-2013 NAF Mourns the Loss of Dr. Henry Morgentaler
  05-23-2013 Statement of Vicki Saporta on Franks' Unconstitutional 20-Week Abotion Ban
  05-23-2013 Testimony of Christy Zink on HR 1797
  04-10-2013 Statement of Vicki Saporta on the Release of President Obama’s 2014 Budget
  06-06-2012 Statement of Vicki Saporta in Response to Live Action Videos
  05-17-2012 Statement of Christy Zink on Harmful Impact of HR 3803
  05-09-2012 Presidential Women's Center Receives Standard of Excellence Award
  02-01-2012 Florida House Attacks Abortion Access
  02-22-2012 Amended Virginia Ultrasound Mandate Should Still be Rejected
  02-21-2012 Statement of Christy Zink on Harmful Impact of HR 3803
  09-15-2011 Virginia Board of Health Targets Abortion Providers with Politically-Motivated Regulations
  05-25-2011 House Restricts Funding for Residency Programs that Provide Abortion Training
  05-24-2011 Rules Committee Rejects Amendment to Cover Abortion Care for Raped U.S. Servicewomen
  05-04-2011 House Passes Unprecedented Attack on Women's Access to Abortion Care
  02-18-2011 House Targets Women’s Access to Reproductive Health Care by Eliminating Funding for Planned Parenthood
  02-15-2011 South Dakota Law Could Legalize Murder of Abortion Providers
  02-09-2011 Stop Continued Attacks on Women's Access to Abortion Care
  02-09-2011 Statement of Mary Vargas on Harmful Impact of Pitts Bill
  02-08-2011 Smith Bill is Unprecedented Attack on Women's Access to Abortion Care
  02-08-2011 Statement of Dana Weinstein on Harmful Impact of Smith Bill


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