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NAF Logo Public policy programs provide scientific and medical expertise to policy makers and ensure that the voices of abortion providers and patients are heard in policy forums across the country.
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The court system is another avenue for ensuring women's access to safe and legal abortion. NAF's public policy programs include litigation in the courts, submitting amicus briefs in cases affecting NAF members and the women they serve, and advocating for a fair and independent judiciary to make the decisions that will affect American women for generations to come.

The Supreme Court Turns Back the Clock on Women's Health

On April 18, 2007 the U.S. Supreme Court upheld a federal law banning certain abortion procedures after the first trimester. The federal abortion ban interferes with the doctor-patient relationship and the ability of doctors to make appropriate medical decisions.

> Read more about the recent Supreme Court Decision

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Judicial Nominations

The lifetime appointments of anti-choice federal judges jeopardize reproductive health care for generations to come. It is of paramount importance that the courts remain fair and independent avenues for assertion of all rights, including reproductive choice. More

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Federal abortion ban: The new law bans abortion procedures in the second trimester that doctors say are safe and among the best for women's health. Learn more.
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