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Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals

In voting to filibuster Owen's nomination, Senators are protecting the fundamental rights that Americans hold dear including the right of women to make their own reproductive health care decisions.

We encourage these Senators to continue to stop the confirmation of judicial nominees who hold beliefs outside of those shared by mainstream Americans and who would turn back the clock on women's reproductive rights.

-- Vicki Saporta, President and CEO of NAF

  2005 - present Judge on the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals
  1995 - 2005 Justice, Texas Supreme Court
  1978 - 1994 Andrews, Kurth, Campbell & Jones
  1976 - 1977 Law Clerk, Sheehy, Lovelace & Mayfield
  1975 - 1977 Baylor University School of Law
  1973 - 1975 Baylor University
  1972 - 1973 University of Texas

Nomination Status:

Voted out of Committee on 03/27/2003

There were four failed cloture votes: May 1, 2003: May 8, 2003; July 28, 2003; November 14, 2003

Re-Nominated February 14, 2005

Confirmed May 25, 2005

Map of Circuit Courts

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