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Harmful Initiatives on State Ballots

Voters in California, Oregon and South Dakota were asked to consider anti-choice ballot initiatives this November.


In November 2006, California voters rejected a parental notification ballot initiative by a margin of 54% to 46%. Last November, California voters rejected a similar parental notification provision. Unfortunately, proponents of the initiative managed to place it on the ballot with similar wording again this November. If the proposition had passed, the health and safety of California teens may have been placed in danger. While parents rightly want to be involved in the decisions of their teenage daughters, good family communication cannot be imposed by the government. Rather than tell their parents, some young women resort to dangerous alternatives.

Learn more about the dangers of mandating parental involvement and visit the website of the No on Proposition 85 Campaign to learn more about this initiative.


Oregon voters opposed Measure 43, a proposal that would have required 48-hour written notice to a parent before a teen between the ages of 15-17 could have an abortion. Measure 43 contained no exceptions for survivors of rape or incest, or for teens in abusive homes. Instead, Measure 43 would have subjected teens to a complicated judicial bypass process. The measure was defeated by a 55% to 45% margin.

Visit the No on Measure 43 website to learn more about this harmful initiative. (Site not responding as of 11/30/2009.)

South Dakota:

Earlier this year, the South Dakota legislature voted to deny women safe and legal access to essential reproductive health care services. House Bill 1215, which was signed by Governor Rounds in March, would prohibit abortion at all stages of pregnancy, with only a limited exception if necessary to save the life of the woman. The people of South Dakota banded together in opposition to this broad abortion ban, creating the Campaign for Healthy Families and gathering enough signatures to put the ban to a statewide vote. NAF staff went to South Dakota and campaigned to help repeal this dangerous ban. The ban was defeated by a margin of 56% to 44%.

Learn more about the dangers of abortion bans and visit the Campaign for Healthy Families website to learn more about the referendum.

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