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Crisis Pregnancy Centers/What Are CPCs?

Crisis Pregnancy Centers claim to help women with abortion care, but often use misinformation to dissuade you from making your own decision. Women who have gone to CPCs have described being harassed, bullied, and given blatantly false information. They have complained that their confidentiality has been violated and that mistreatment by CPCs has threatened their health.

By and large, CPCs are not medical facilities, and most CPC volunteers who work directly with women are not medical professionals. They typically locate themselves near clinics that offer abortions in a deliberate attempt to increase their legitimacy and lure potential patients away from receiving abortion care by capitalizing on patients' confusion.

Ways to Recognize CPCs

  • They offer you a free pregnancy test, but are ambiguous about the results
  • They ask you to watch videos that discourage you from choosing abortion
  • They refuse to give you referrals for abortion or birth control
  • They call you at home to urge you not to choose to have an abortion
  • They look like a neighboring clinic that is legitimately providing women's health care
  • They tell you that they can help you with money, medical care, adoption, or childcare as long as you do not choose to have an abortion
  • They give you information about pregnancy, abortion, laws, and medical care that is false
  • They make you wait for their "services" until you can no longer have an abortion

What You Can Do

If you have been to a CPC you may feel ashamed, angry, or desperate. You are not alone. Some women find it rewarding to share their stories with others who have had similar experiences. Some choose to take action on behalf of other women.

NAF's report "Crisis Pregnancy Centers: An Affront to Choice" (PDF file, 211K) was created with the goal of informing the public and legislators about the real intent of CPCs. NAF is working to help put measures in place to prevent CPCs from exploiting or misleading other women in the future.

You can help us reach this goal by sharing your story of an encounter with a CPC.

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