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Each year, hundreds of state bills are filed across the country that pose direct threats to abortion rights and access. The four most common types of bills restricting abortion access are:

Abortion Bans

Legislation that imposes broad bans on abortion, often without exceptions for a woman's health. More

Biased Counseling/Waiting Periods

Legislation that imposes waiting periods on women seeking abortion and requires abortion providers to give their patients certain state-mandated materials. More

Parental Involvement

Legislation that restricts a minor's access to abortion, generally in the form of parental notification or consent bills. More

TRAP (Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers)

Legislation that places excessive, politically motivated restrictions and requirements on medical facilities providing abortions. More

Other Types of Bills

Although bans, biased counseling, parental involvement, and TRAP bills are the most common types of anti-choice legislation, other types of anti-choice legislation are introduced across the country each year. More

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