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are you pregnant?I want an abortion.  What should I expect?
Am I Pregnant?
I'm Pregnant. What are my options?
I want an abortion. What should I expect?
How can I find a provider near me?
What should I expect after the abortion?
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If you've chosen to have an abortion, you may be wondering about what to do next. There are several things to think about such as finding an abortion provider, paying for the abortion, and learning if there are laws in your state that require a waiting period or some other step before you have an abortion.

The first step is finding the right clinic or doctor's office for you. If at any time you need help finding a provider of quality care, please call the NAF Hotline referral line 1-877-257-0012 for assistance (no funding assistance provided on this line).

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need help? Call the NAF Hotline for non-biased factual information about abortion. 1-800-772-9100

FAQs and Resources - There are a lot of myths surrounding pregnancy, adoption and abortion.  Let these resources help you sort the facts from fiction.
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