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NAF logoclinicians for choice (CFC) is a membership organization, representing nearly 6,000 pro-choice Nurse Practitioners, Nurse-Midwives, and Physician Assistants working to increase access to comprehensive reproductive health care
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Advocate for Choice

There are dozens of opportunities to advocate for choice based on an individual's interests, expertise, availability, and the current and future needs identified locally and nationally. Here are some ideas for how you can be an advocate for choice in your day-to-day professional life:

Earn CME Credits!

NAF has developed comprehensive educational materials and programs to provide health care professionals with the information necessary to safely and effectively offer medical abortion to their patients seeking abortion services. Our Early Options Medical Abortion web-based CME activity offers up to five credit hours.

Attend a NAF conference

NAF holds two meetings per year. Our Annual Meeting takes place every spring and our Risk Management Seminar occurs every fall.

NAF's Annual Meeting is the primary venue for presentation of the latest abortion-related research. The meeting includes all-day specialized seminars and clinical workshops, as well as sessions on all aspects of the provision of abortion care, including legal and policy issues.

NAF's Risk Management Seminar focuses on specific topics related to ensuring quality abortion care. The Clinical program consists of two days of educational CME programming relevant to risk management practices for abortion providers.

For security reasons, we do not provide information about our conferences on our website. If you would like more information, please contact our Meeting and Conference Coordinator.

Training Opportunities

Contact the NAF clinics in your area

Implement NAF curricula and materials in your educational program

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Medical Students for Choice has a catalog of clinics willing to train students and professionals

Planned Parenthood of New York City - Clinician Training Initiative or PPNYC CTI trains health care professionals in reproductive health care.

ROE Consortium Training and Curricula on Reproductive Options for Nursing Faculty.

Work With Educational Programs

CFC members can positively affect the next generation of clinicians by working with clinical education programs. Opportunities include: mentoring students; providing lectures; assisting students in developing or maintaining a student chapter of CFC; and working with students and administrators to increase curricular exposure to abortion care.

Participate in Your Professional Organization

By becoming involved as an individual member of your professional organization, you can make a difference. CFC members attend meetings of their professional organizations, which provide the opportunity to disseminate information, suggest agenda topics related to abortion, determine if candidates running for elected positions are pro-choice, and join committees.

Disseminate Pro-Choice Information

To ensure that clinicians, students, and clients in your area have information about abortion services CFC members supply NAF Hotline rolodex cards, brochures, and fact sheets to local health care centers, doctors' offices, social service organizations, and local clinician education programs. Contact NAF for a supply of these materials or order online. This site provides many helpful resources.

Contact Your Elected Officials

NAF can assist you in making your voice heard by your Representatives and Senators. Writing letters, sending emails, and calling elected officials ensures that they know that the clinicians in their state care about reproductive health, including abortion services. Act for Choice

Write Letters to Local Newspapers and Journals

Health care professionals provide an important voice in the public discourse about abortion, and that discourse is also vitally important within the health care community. NAF can assist you in writing letters to the editor in newspapers or professional journals that can highlight the facts about policies and service delivery issues related to abortion. Contact your local media

Encourage Colleagues to Engage in Discussions about the Important of Choice

Many of your colleagues share your commitment to ensuring women have access to information about pregnancy options and to safe abortion services. However, abortion is marginalized from mainstream medicine. Talking frankly about abortion is an important step in contextualizing abortion in the full spectrum of reproductive health services. Visit the CFC resource center for communication tools you can use.

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