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NAF Logo Public policy programs provide scientific and medical expertise to policy makers and ensure that the voices of abortion providers and patients are heard in policy forums across the country.
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Current Issues

Federal and state legislators, courts, and regulatory agencies can greatly impact women's access to abortion care. Find out about the latest issues in the ongoing fight to preserve a woman's right to choose. More

In Congress

In recent years, Congress has banned safe abortion procedures, voted to make a fetus a person for the purposes of federal criminal law, and restricted access to abortion for federal employees, military dependents, Native Americans, and low-income women. More

In the Executive Branch

President Bush has nominated over 200 anti-choice judges to the federal bench, has made a host of other anti-choice appointments to non-judicial posts, has enthusiastically signed anti-choice legislation passed by Congress, and has used his administration to further policies limiting access to safe and legal abortion. More

In the Courts

Since the Supreme Court's historic Roe v. Wade decision, the Supreme Court and courts around the country have been flooded with litigation challenging the fundamental right to safe and legal abortion. More

In the States

As anti-choice legislators enact barrier after barrier in front of women seeking abortions, state capitals across the country have become pivotal battlegrounds in the fight to save Roe v. Wade. More

International Issues

For many women outside the United States, the obstacles to obtaining safe abortion care can be insurmountable. NAF provides technical assistance to providers throughout the world in an effort to eradicate the threat of unsafe abortion. More

Policy Reports

NAF's public policy reports provide facts and expert insight and ensure that the voices of abortion providers and patients are heard in policy forums.  Our legislative and election summaries analyze the potential impact of state and federal initiatives on women and providers. More

Get Informed/Get Active

As the professional association of abortion providers in North America, NAF is uniquely qualified to convey the medical perspective on abortion and women's health care. More

Patient Partnership

The stories of women who have chosen abortion can have a significant impact on the lives of other women and their families. The goal of NAF's Patient Partnership is to include the voices of women who have had an abortion in the public discussions about this issue. More

crisis pregnancy centers > Some of these groups use deceptive advertising and violate women’s privacy, and some legislators seek to fund CPCs with taxpayer money. Learn more >

did you know? That over 400 anti-choice laws were introduced in state legislatures just this year? Find out what is happening in your state and how to fight attacks on your right to choose.

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