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NAF Logo news We provide the medical and political perspectives on abortion care and policy.
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NAF is the professional association of abortion providers and a great resource for journalists reporting on issues related to abortion care, clinic violence, and abortion policy. Policy makers and the press regularly turn to NAF to learn the provider and patient perspectives on abortion issues.

Our members are recognized experts in abortion care and include nonprofit and private clinics, women's health centers, Planned Parenthood facilities, hospitals, and private physicians, as well as nationally and internationally recognized researchers, clinicians, and educators at major universities and teaching hospitals. Together, they care for more than half the women who choose abortion each year in the United States. NAF members can offer in-depth information about various aspects of abortion care.

Vicki Saporta, NAF's President and CEO, has headed NAF since 1995. Under her guidance, NAF has set the standard for quality abortion care in North America and led the introduction of medical abortion (RU-486) in the U.S. Saporta is an expert on public policy issues and anti-abortion violence and has effectively advocated with legislators and law enforcement officials on behalf of providers and women. She has broadened outreach to underserved women through the expansion of NAF's toll-free Hotline (1-800-772-9100) and outreach programs.

To interview Saporta or one of our member abortion providers, contact the Communications Department at press@prochoice.org or call 202-667-5881 or after hours at 202-595-4395.

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need help? Call the NAF Hotline for non-biased factual information about abortion. 1-800-772-9100

did you know? 87% of US counties have no abortion provider.

contact us. Contact the NAF Communications Department at 202.667.5881 or press@prochoice.org
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