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Supreme Court Strikes Down Massachusetts Buffer Zone Law
In McCullen v. Coakley, the Supreme Court struck down a Massachusetts buffer zone law that created a safe space around reproductive health clinics. This is an incredibly disappointing ruling.

Buffer Zones Work
They are a proven way to balance the importance of safe access to reproductive health care facilities with the free speech rights of anti-choice individuals. Buffer zones are often supported by law enforcement who cite their effectiveness in curbing violence and maintaining public safety.


Reality Outside Clinics
Anti-abortion groups would like you to think that they are merely engaging in quiet 'counseling.' But aggressive threats and intimidation, stalking patients from their cars to the door, and verbally and physically assaulting them is not counseling. Below are some pictures and videos of the reality outside of abortion clinics.


This is what really happens outside abortion clinics:

A protester approaches patients and shoves a clinic escort outside NAF member Allentown Women's Center in Allentown, Pennsylvania:

Clinic escorts helping patients enter an abortion clinic in Englewood, NJ before a buffer zone was enacted there:

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